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Discover and share the best places to visit through your inner circle of friends and family.


Save your favorite places

Waypoint allows you to seamlessly organize your favorite places around the world. Save the names and locations of your most admired places to your profile by using the search feature or recent visits on the home screen. Record the places that you are always telling your friends and family about, or the local gems you discover during your travels.


Add personal notes and pictures

When saving a Waypoint, add your own images and comments to help your friends and family know what to expect. Whether it's the best dish to order at a restaurant or the location of convenient parking, personal touches from your trusted sources matter!


Organize your Waypoints into lists

Organize your Waypoints into lists by city or by category such as Hotels in Miami, or Greatest Hits of Paris. Multiple users can contribute Waypoints to lists to build that perfect trip to Iceland, or lists can be private for your own use.


Get to know cities through the eyes of your trusted sources: friends and family